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“…but can she play?”: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn

Jazz music was created in the early 20th Century, originating in Southern African American communities. As a male dominated genre that has delighted the hearts of billions throughout the world, it may leave you also wondering ‘…but where are the women?’. Janice Rhosalle Littlejohn explores this concept in her up and coming documentary called “…but can she play?”  Janice, an award-winning columnist, highlights the careers of at least 10, successful female horn players in the jazz world. Each of these women have a story to tell about not only their art, but how they are received by audiences around the world.

Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn has had a diverse career as a journalist covering all facets of entertainment, arts, politics, community news and issues related to women, African Americans and the African Diaspora. She spent 12 years as a freelance writer and worked as a columnist for the Associated Press. She’s received numerous awards including a commendation from the National Association of Black Journalists. She is also co-authoring a book for Simon & Schuster and developing a limited series.

We will be playing some of the music from the talented artists of “…but can she play?”

Hailey Niswanger – Film’s featured performer, alto saxophonist , performing the title track to her debut, self-released CD Confeddie.

Claire Daly – Baritone saxophonist ‘s The Small But Evil Man, from her CD Heaven Help  All on her Daly Bread Records


The late Melba Liston (3/ 3/1926 – 8/3/2008) – Trombonist and composer with her tune Zagred from Melba and Her Bones.

Tune in Tuesday, May 24th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn, director of “…but can she play?”, because “jazz is not a gender; it’s a groove”.

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Modern Day Slavery: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Rob Morris, Co-founder and President of Love146

It is estimated that human trafficking generates about $32 billion a year. The number of child victims of trafficking and exploitation throughout the world are too much to fathom, with 2 children being sold every minute.

In 2002, Rob Morris and a host of others founded Love146, an organization dedicated to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children through prevention and aftercare programs.

Rob went undercover to a Southeast Asia brothel, a visit that revealed the cruelty and dangers young girls face in human trafficking. This experience changed Rob and his colleagues, compelling them onto a crusade to help children around the world subjected by this dark side of humanity.

Love146 as an organization has been named an “Agent of Change” by GQ Magazine. They also received a Myspace Impact Award for Social Justice.

Tune in Tuesday, May 17th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Rob Morris, co-founder and president of Love146 as we talk about modern day slavery.

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Addressing Diversity with Children: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Kim Wayans, Actress, Producer, Director, and Author of the Amy Hodgepodge Children’s Series

Kim Wayans has made millions laugh throughout the years with her colorful and hilarious characters, from the gossiping Ms. Benita Butrell, to celebrity impersonations like Grace Jones. She has acted in dozens of TV series like the all time favorite In Living Color and in major motion pictures such as Juwanna Mann and Dance Flick. Her one-woman autobiographical stage play A Handsome Woman Retreats has been inspiring audiences throughout the country. She also has a role in the new independent film Pariah.

Aside from acting, Kim has also authored a children series titled Amy Hodgepodge, co-written with her husband Kevin Knotts, a delightful series about multi-racial fourth grader Amy Hodges who leaves homeschooling to attend regular school. This series takes a modern look at our racially diverse generation through the eyes of the main character Amy who is Caucasian, African American and Asian.

Tune in Tuesday, May 10th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Kim Wayans, actress, producer, director and author, as we discuss her acting career and the importance of children understanding diversity.

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Tearing Down the Walls: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Daniel Beaty, Actor, Singer, Song Writer, Composer and Obie Award-Winner

Daniel Beaty is a riveting spoken word artist, actor and Obie award-winner. His plays are emotional and thought provoking, typically ending with a message of hope. Known for his rich characters depicting the dynamics of African American life and culture through performances such as Knock Knock and Run Black Man Run, he has brought laughter and tears to diverse audiences.

His 43 character performance Emergency and 6 black male character play Through the Night have amazed audiences and drawn “Artistic Ambassadors” such as Bill Cosby, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Hill Harper, Phylicia Rashad and Malik Yoba, just to name a few, in support of this vibrant, animated actor.

Now Daniel is premiering in New York his new musical production Tearing Down the Walls . He is not only the Writer and Director but Co-Composer along with Oscar and Grammy nominated songwriting team Jamal Joseph and Charles Mack. This play “infused with soulful music, impassioned spoken word and laugh-out-loud humor …tells the story of the residents of a tight-knit Harlem community upended and pushed to the limit by life’s challenges, but who find hope in the most unusual places.”

While speaking before an audience, Daniel once said “If you will continue to listen, I will continue to tell these stories,” and Courage Empowerment Forum is listening! Tune in Tuesday, May 3rd at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Daniel Beaty, award winning actor, singer, writer and composer.

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Special Guest Daniel Beaty

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Sports, Family, Faith and Fitness: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Kimberli Russell of VH1’s Basketball Wives, Wife of Retired NBA Player Bryon Russell, Owner of Faith N Fitness, Board Member of the Non-profit WOVA

Kimberli Russell is an amazing woman.  She is the wife of now retired NBA player Bryon Russell and a mother to 3 lovely children. She placed her career goals aside to be a stay-at-home mom and to support one of the greatest shooting guards ever in the NBA. Now she is a cast member of VH1’s Basketball Wives, Season 2, with executive producer Shaunie O’ Neal.

But the dynamics of Kimberli doesn’t stop there! This educated, bright, spirited woman believes in empowerment. As a philanthropist she gives back to children and women affected by abuse. As a board member of Women of Vision Alliance (WOVA), founded by Bernadette Holder, she is furthering the empowerment of women and helping to strengthen their vision and she also hosts a program call WOVA Cafe on Blogtalk Radio.  Additionally, healthy living is a major part of her life and she is helping others achieve that as the Owner of Faith N Fitness: Mind, Body and Soul as a life and fitness coach.

Tune in Tuesday, April 26th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Kimberli Russell of VH1’s Basketball Wives and Owner of Faith N Fitness for this broadcast of inspiration.

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The Impact of Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Donna Savage, Author of The Blood and Tears of Domestic Violence, Executive Director of Domestic Violence and AIDS Mission of New Jersey

At the age of 16, Donna Savage left home and got married with the hopes of a better life. She did not imagine that her new husband would become her abuser for nearly twenty years. At the near end of her divorce, she was urged by her lawyer to write about her experiences in what became her first book titledThe Blood and Tears of Domestic Violence: A Survivor’s Revelation. Writing her debut book proved to be a struggle as she unraveled flooded memories of years of violence. It was until a tragedy that occured in the life of a friend that jolted Donna to move past the pain and forced her memoir’s completion.

Donna is also the founder of The Domestic Violence and AIDS Mission of New Jersey, a faith based organization serving those affected by domestic violence and AIDS. It’s also the home of the first abusers helpline called the National 24 Hour Abuser Hotline.

Tune in Tuesday, April 19th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Donna Savage, author and founder of The Domestic Violence and AIDS Mission of New Jersey for this enlightening program about abuse and healing.

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Gerard M. Williams, Gospel Vocalist

Gerard M. Williams is a multi-talented gospel vocalist and guitarist. He has a strong, mature voice that truly compliments the message he spreads of love and hope in his spirited gospel tracks. What you hear on his album is what you get in live performances, a truly passionate and gifted artist. His sound will not let you down; his poetic lines are inspiring and uplifting. He is destined be one of the next great gospel performers, ‘I don’t want to wait on someone else to do it for me…I have a purpose to get my music out and the faith that it will happen….Music is my ministry, and to spread it is what I am commissioned to do.”


Gerard M Williams has established a strong local following in the Triangle region of North Carolina, and his following is expanding rapidly across the country via access to the internet…

Singing since the age of 4 Gerard knew that his roots would be in gospel music, the music of TRUTH. Growing up in the city of Durham, North Carolina, home of two of the biggest names in gospel music, Shirley Caesar and John P. Kee; Gerard knew he had big footsteps to follow. Likewise, he knew he had wonderful examples to pattern himself after in all aspects of the gospel music industry from song selection to performance, from writing to publishing, from studying to living the life he sings about. Now he is ready to share all that he has learned with the masses. …

Lastly as a member of his high schools honor chorus, Spartan Song, Gerard was afforded the opportunity to sing for the US Secretary of State on national television. Following high school, Gerard was accepted into the coveted Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. After enrolling at Berklee he became a part of an auditioned Gospel group called “Overjoyed.” With Overjoyed, he traveled to and performed in Switzerland. One of his highest achievements while at Berklee was being a part of the biggest vocal show that Berklee has to offer in which he was selected 1 of 8 performers in a show that well over 100 vocalists had auditioned for.

In addition to all of his scholastic musical endeavors, Gerard always remained close to his gospel roots in his home church and choir. As a result had the opportunity to tour with his church choir throughout England including, London and Durham. These events and his season of preparation eventually lead to Williams having the opportunity to sing background with such gospel greats as Tremaine Hawkins, and Dennis Montgomery. Gerard has had the opportunity to minister to literally thousands as a member of the Shirley Caesar Outreach Ministries Conference choir as well as being showcased in the nightly services more recently he has been showcased at the singers and musicians conference hosted by Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole of the Legendary Clark Sisters. He has had also had the opportunity to be showcased at the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

Working on his debut release consisting of Gospel, Inspirational and Soul tracks, Gerard hopes he will capture a new audience that will have the opportunity to experience the soul stirring voice that many of his other loyal listeners have become accustomed with. Writing songs since the age of 12 Gerard has been focused on writing conscious music that listeners will be able to embrace. Songs like “So Glad” ,Hurting People and “Walk Out Of The Rain” evoke feelings of hope and determination and the calming worship rendition of “Blessed Be the Lord” show many sides of diversity in Gerard’s music, which speaks of Hope, eternal salvation, and Love  With his eyes poised on a lasting recording career, the formal training to go forth, complete submission to the will of GOD and the drive and goal to succeed, Gerard M Williams is sure to become a name that will be synonymous with gospel music for years to come. You can read Gerard’s full bio by visiting his

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A Look at the African American Family: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Christelyn Karazin, Founder of No Wedding No Womb!

On September 22, 2010 an online campaign, that included approximately 100 bloggers from all walks of life, was officially launched by Christelyn Karazin to address the issue that spurred waves of heated discussion. This conversation reached local and main stream media outlets including the Los Angeles Sentinel, Power 98, NPR, Essence, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, and MSNBC in 90 days. The Twitter hashtag #NWNW was tweeted over 100,000 times because of it. What was the conversation about? It was about the out-of-wedlock birth rate that is at an approximate 73% high in the African American community.

Why is this issue so important, especially to Christelyn and the thousands that have joined the movement? In Christelyn’s case, her first child was born out-of-wedlock so she understands the struggles that single parents face who have children unplanned and when the other parent isn’t active in the child’s life.

Tune in Tuesday, April 12th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Christelyn Karazin, journalist, interracial dating expert, and founder of No Wedding No Womb! as we discuss the future of African American families and solutions to a growing population of young people raising children outside of marriage.

Visit No Wedding No Womb!’s website at

Featured Music

We will play the NO WEDDING NO WOMB! anthem and various music throughout the hour.

Yes, No Wedding No Womb! has an anthem and we’ll playing that at the half hour of the program. The lyrics were written by Lorriane Spencer, a talented independent song writer known for penning an autism anthem titled You Surround The Mystery. The music was produced by the reknown Brian Alexander Morgan who has also produced recordings for SWV, Nicole Wray, Martha Wash, Usher, Mariah Carey, JoJo, and more.

No Wedding No Womb! song credits

Writer: Lorriane Spencer
Music Producer: Brian Alexander Morgan
Executive Producer: N. Maurice Williams
Vocal Producer: Leland Sharp
Performed by: Kyndra Pruitt

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