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DVWMT Talkshow Present ” From Brokenness to Boldness Interviews” Hosted by QueenAfi

Lyn was a featured guest on Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags Talkshow

hosted by Queen Afi Gaston

Air date :  January 7, 2014

DVWMT Talkshow Present " From Brokenness to Boldness Interviews" Hosted by QueenAfi

Welcome to the Blog of Lyn Twyman, Advocate, Activist, Consultant & Entertainment Producer

Why do I do what I do?  Plainly and simply, it’s because there’s only one life to live and generations that need our wisdom and life experiences to make it.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been passionate about helping others.  Sometimes lack of economic and financial stability from growing up in a single parent, emotionally abusive home prevented a lot of that from happening, but it’s always been inside my heart.

Life is not always rosy; let’s face it and for some reason, God has allowed pain and suffering to coexist with pleasure and joy.  So my journey and why I do what I do is about how to make the most of this life in whatever is given to us.  From non-violence, to racial understanding , to protecting families of all kinds are my passions.

I want to send a special shout out in this first blog entry for all those who support Courage Network and are working to end domestic violence, to all of the survivors and family members.  You are also a part  of the reason of why I do what I do.