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Lyn Twyman and The National Domestic Violence Registry on Fox News

This morning, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Heather Childers of Fox News Live on the cost of domestic violence and about one of my organizations, the National Domestic Violence Registry (NDVR). The mission of NDVR is to be an on-line, national resource that will aid in the awareness and prevention of domestic and family violence by posting the convictions of domestic abuse perpetrators and those offenders who have long term criminal orders of protections placed against them, and to provide comprehensive education about technology based programs, prevention, safety, and intervention models relating to domestic violence.

With the team of partners and endorsements that we have from folks like Russel BlakeAshley Judd and New York State Women, Inc., we are seeing the public’s growing acknowledgement that something more must be done to prevent and intervene in this epidemic we call domestic violence.

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Modern Day Slavery: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Rob Morris, Co-founder and President of Love146

It is estimated that human trafficking generates about $32 billion a year. The number of child victims of trafficking and exploitation throughout the world are too much to fathom, with 2 children being sold every minute.

In 2002, Rob Morris and a host of others founded Love146, an organization dedicated to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children through prevention and aftercare programs.

Rob went undercover to a Southeast Asia brothel, a visit that revealed the cruelty and dangers young girls face in human trafficking. This experience changed Rob and his colleagues, compelling them onto a crusade to help children around the world subjected by this dark side of humanity.

Love146 as an organization has been named an “Agent of Change” by GQ Magazine. They also received a Myspace Impact Award for Social Justice.

Tune in Tuesday, May 17th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Rob Morris, co-founder and president of Love146 as we talk about modern day slavery.

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The Impact of Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Donna Savage, Author of The Blood and Tears of Domestic Violence, Executive Director of Domestic Violence and AIDS Mission of New Jersey

At the age of 16, Donna Savage left home and got married with the hopes of a better life. She did not imagine that her new husband would become her abuser for nearly twenty years. At the near end of her divorce, she was urged by her lawyer to write about her experiences in what became her first book titledThe Blood and Tears of Domestic Violence: A Survivor’s Revelation. Writing her debut book proved to be a struggle as she unraveled flooded memories of years of violence. It was until a tragedy that occured in the life of a friend that jolted Donna to move past the pain and forced her memoir’s completion.

Donna is also the founder of The Domestic Violence and AIDS Mission of New Jersey, a faith based organization serving those affected by domestic violence and AIDS. It’s also the home of the first abusers helpline called the National 24 Hour Abuser Hotline.

Tune in Tuesday, April 19th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Donna Savage, author and founder of The Domestic Violence and AIDS Mission of New Jersey for this enlightening program about abuse and healing.

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Gerard M. Williams, Gospel Vocalist

Gerard M. Williams is a multi-talented gospel vocalist and guitarist. He has a strong, mature voice that truly compliments the message he spreads of love and hope in his spirited gospel tracks. What you hear on his album is what you get in live performances, a truly passionate and gifted artist. His sound will not let you down; his poetic lines are inspiring and uplifting. He is destined be one of the next great gospel performers, ‘I don’t want to wait on someone else to do it for me…I have a purpose to get my music out and the faith that it will happen….Music is my ministry, and to spread it is what I am commissioned to do.”


Gerard M Williams has established a strong local following in the Triangle region of North Carolina, and his following is expanding rapidly across the country via access to the internet…

Singing since the age of 4 Gerard knew that his roots would be in gospel music, the music of TRUTH. Growing up in the city of Durham, North Carolina, home of two of the biggest names in gospel music, Shirley Caesar and John P. Kee; Gerard knew he had big footsteps to follow. Likewise, he knew he had wonderful examples to pattern himself after in all aspects of the gospel music industry from song selection to performance, from writing to publishing, from studying to living the life he sings about. Now he is ready to share all that he has learned with the masses. …

Lastly as a member of his high schools honor chorus, Spartan Song, Gerard was afforded the opportunity to sing for the US Secretary of State on national television. Following high school, Gerard was accepted into the coveted Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. After enrolling at Berklee he became a part of an auditioned Gospel group called “Overjoyed.” With Overjoyed, he traveled to and performed in Switzerland. One of his highest achievements while at Berklee was being a part of the biggest vocal show that Berklee has to offer in which he was selected 1 of 8 performers in a show that well over 100 vocalists had auditioned for.

In addition to all of his scholastic musical endeavors, Gerard always remained close to his gospel roots in his home church and choir. As a result had the opportunity to tour with his church choir throughout England including, London and Durham. These events and his season of preparation eventually lead to Williams having the opportunity to sing background with such gospel greats as Tremaine Hawkins, and Dennis Montgomery. Gerard has had the opportunity to minister to literally thousands as a member of the Shirley Caesar Outreach Ministries Conference choir as well as being showcased in the nightly services more recently he has been showcased at the singers and musicians conference hosted by Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole of the Legendary Clark Sisters. He has had also had the opportunity to be showcased at the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

Working on his debut release consisting of Gospel, Inspirational and Soul tracks, Gerard hopes he will capture a new audience that will have the opportunity to experience the soul stirring voice that many of his other loyal listeners have become accustomed with. Writing songs since the age of 12 Gerard has been focused on writing conscious music that listeners will be able to embrace. Songs like “So Glad” ,Hurting People and “Walk Out Of The Rain” evoke feelings of hope and determination and the calming worship rendition of “Blessed Be the Lord” show many sides of diversity in Gerard’s music, which speaks of Hope, eternal salvation, and Love  With his eyes poised on a lasting recording career, the formal training to go forth, complete submission to the will of GOD and the drive and goal to succeed, Gerard M Williams is sure to become a name that will be synonymous with gospel music for years to come. You can read Gerard’s full bio by visiting his

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes – Info, Options, Hope

Research shows that approximately “1 in 6 men have experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before age 16”. Out of these numbers are men who suffer in silence, in a world that is just learning how to cope with the stigmas surrounding male survivors of sexual abuse. Would you know what to do, how to react, if a man or young male you care for confessed to being sexually assaulted or victimized? 1 in 6 is an organization that is providing resources, support and understanding for this issue. They are also shedding light on the myths that permeates society and often keeps males survivors suffering in shame and in the darkness. With a motto of “INFO, OPTIONS, HOPE”, 1 in 6 is responding to the needs of these men and those that care about them.

Tune in Tuesday, April 5th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Steve, executive director of and learn more about the help for male survivors and all survivors of sexual assault.

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CHARLEY LANGER, Intelligent Smooth Jazz, Saxaphonist

Courage Empowerment Forum is pleased to feature the music of Charley Langer! Charley’s music has been branded as “Intelligent Smooth Jazz”. His music is carefully crafted and takes the listener to places they’ve never gone before. Charley has a unique style that is truly recognizable as his own. He brings an undeniable gift of saxaphone playing to audiences around the country and a band of talented performers on every track. He is also receiving national air play on the Weather Channel.


A classically-trained saxophonist, Charley developed his technique under such masters of the instrument as Vincent Gnojek, Douglas Masek, and Laura Hunter. His experience includes numerous live venues, television, and radio; as well as performances with notables Morton Gould, John Adams, Zita Carno, the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, and others.

During a temporary relocation to Hawaii, Charley worked as a sideman for local entertainers, including island chart-topper Jon Basebase (“Suddenly”), the Bobby King Royal Combo, and the Willie Barton Orchestra. More recently, he has played and/or recorded with contemporary Christian artists Annie Herring, Julie Meyer, Chris DuPre, Pablo Perez, and Gregg Stone.

After having been a contributing performer on numerous independent recordings, Charley has released his debut solo CD, Never the Same. To help perfect this mixture of jazz and rock, Charley enlisted drummer/producer Ron Wikso, who has shared the stage with numerous rock legends. Another prominent musician on the album is guitarist Kurt Griffey who, like Wikso, boasts an impressive resume of rock gigs and adds a unique flavor to Charley’s songs that make this album stand out. Never The Same features world-class bassist Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), keyboardist Wally Minko (Jean Luc Ponty), and percussionist Michito Sanchez (Joe Sample). The title cut is currently receiving daily nationwide airplay on The Weather Channel.

Although Charley’s current musical focus is on recording and composition, he still makes time to perform with the award-winning Sacramento band, Steelin’ Dan, and other local projects.

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Protecting Our Children: Guest Susan Komisar Hausman, Featuring the Music of Mike Zogaria

On the March 1st broadcast of Lyn Twyman’s Courage Empowerment Forum, featured guest is Susan Komisar Hausman author of Kisses From Dolce: A Book for Children About Trusting & Telling. Susan is a child sexual abuse survivor and advocate. She has chosen to be a light on a dark issue and is a facilitator and instructor for a nationally recognized program called Darkness to Light whose mission is to end child sexual abuse. Susan has won several awards for her advocacy and continues her mission to help parents and care givers of children be proactive and implement safe practices to protect children in a world where approximately 90% of child victims know their abuser.

Tune in live at 9pm ET, 6pm PT on March 1st at, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY.

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About Susan Komisar Hausman

Susan Komisar Hausman is the author of the children’s book, Kisses From Dolce: A Book for Children About Trusting and Telling, and the founder of No Secrets No Shame, LLC, a company dedicated to promoting awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse. She is also a facilitator and facilitator instructor for Darkness To Light’s award-winning CSA prevention workshop for adults, Stewards Of Children. Additionally, Susan is the author of several published essays and she’s currently at work on a novel for adults.



Featured Independent Artist

About Mike Zogaria

Mike Zogaria is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Buffalo, NY whose unique voice and relatable lyrics are quickly becoming fan favorites online. Mike plays acoustic shows with his producer Mike Vealey. Mike’s first E.P. “Come Home” is available now on all major digital distribution sites such as iTunes, Cdbaby, Amazon, etc., and he is currently in the process of recording his first full length Cd !
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Mental Illness: Does it Deserve a Pass?

Mental Illness: Does it Deserve a Pass?

By Lyn Twyman

On February 4th, 24 year old Jessica Blackham of Greenville, SC gave birth to a baby boy.  She immediately abandoned the infant in the toilet of the arena where she had just finished watching a circus show.  It was approximately 90 minutes before the baby was found by maintenance workers.  Now Jessica is charged with unlawful neglect of a child and felony child abuse.  News about the case now is unnervingly quiet.
For this mother to dispose of her child, who is now fighting for his life from being abandoned in a toilet, is a sickening act of inhumanity and cruelty.  Stories like this are extremely disturbing and add another dynamic to family violence that we often don’t think about, when people make arguments that because of a mental disorder they abuse others and therefore should be given some type of leniency.
Blackham and her parents claim they didn’t know she was pregnant, although she is currently the biological mother of a 4 year old.  Well, thanks to Discovery Health Channel’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” I guess we’re going to see more and more women use this very same alibi when they don’t want to keep their children.  To add further insult to injury, Blackham is still out of jail under the judge’s ruling that while out on bond, she must hold down a job, cooperate with Department of Social Services and not leave her county.  This monster, Jessica Blackham, is still roaming the streets even though she disposed of her child like human waste, a crime punishable by a 30 year jail sentence!  Blackham also claims she doesn’t remember the incident after going to the public restroom that evening on February 4th.  So since she abandoned her child in a toilet and supposedly can’t remember, does she really need to be out in society among the rest of us?
This society is too quick to use mental illness, the insanity plea or claim amnesia when crime is committed.  We are too quick to blame mental disorders for the violence that people commit, as if the disorder made the person raise their fist, or shoot the gun or in this case leave a baby in a toilet.  Additionally, Blackham had enough sense to check herself into a hospital after she delivered her innocent, helpless baby but wouldn’t do the same for her son.
Or this
So where do we draw the line and say enough is enough?  Despite alleged medical claims for a scape goat, people still must pay for their crimes.  The fact that monster Blackham is still roaming the streets and not confined to a mental institution at the least until her next trial is a disgrace and a huge failure on the part of the judicial system.  If this had been a man who abandoned their child in a toilet and claimed the same argument as Blackham, do you think he would get the same treatment as she?  Or if Blackham were of another race, would she still be allowed to run the streets?  Why does she go free while a woman who hangs a dog for chewing her Bible in practically the same community is confined to a detention center?  Just click here for the story.  These are valid arguments that we have to explore when it comes to justice.
I don’t believe justice is being served for the rest of society and especially for that poor innocent baby, now fighting for his life, when a judge lets a woman back out on the street that leaves her baby in a toilet.    What kind of hell is this?  We have been at a sad loss for a long time in our judicial system when people who commit heinous acts can plead insanity or memory loss and still maintain their freedom while people who commit petty crimes have their whole lives practically destroyed.
Jessica Blackham, if you didn’t want your child, why not leave him somewhere like a hospital or adoption facility?  You almost killed your baby and he may be damaged now for life because of you.  Mentally ill or not, you don’t need to be running the streets to endanger the rest of our children.  Justice needs to be served for the poor baby and for all of the other children that suffered at the hands of dangerous, murderous parents.  Jessica Blackham needs to be confined, to serve her time and the judicial system needs a drastic overhaul.