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Tearing Down the Walls: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Daniel Beaty, Actor, Singer, Song Writer, Composer and Obie Award-Winner

Daniel Beaty is a riveting spoken word artist, actor and Obie award-winner. His plays are emotional and thought provoking, typically ending with a message of hope. Known for his rich characters depicting the dynamics of African American life and culture through performances such as Knock Knock and Run Black Man Run, he has brought laughter and tears to diverse audiences.

His 43 character performance Emergency and 6 black male character play Through the Night have amazed audiences and drawn “Artistic Ambassadors” such as Bill Cosby, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Hill Harper, Phylicia Rashad and Malik Yoba, just to name a few, in support of this vibrant, animated actor.

Now Daniel is premiering in New York his new musical production Tearing Down the Walls . He is not only the Writer and Director but Co-Composer along with Oscar and Grammy nominated songwriting team Jamal Joseph and Charles Mack. This play “infused with soulful music, impassioned spoken word and laugh-out-loud humor …tells the story of the residents of a tight-knit Harlem community upended and pushed to the limit by life’s challenges, but who find hope in the most unusual places.”

While speaking before an audience, Daniel once said “If you will continue to listen, I will continue to tell these stories,” and Courage Empowerment Forum is listening! Tune in Tuesday, May 3rd at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to, 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY to hear Daniel Beaty, award winning actor, singer, writer and composer.

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Special Guest Daniel Beaty

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